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If you book a flight through an online travel portal, in a travel agency or directly with an airline, you will receive emails and other documents with the information and information you need for your flight. This information includes various information that determines the flight more precisely and confirms your booking. We will explain to you how to quickly find what you need during the trip and how to make sense of the abbreviations, numbers that make up the booking code and flight number.

How to find your booking number

Immediately after booking, you will receive a booking confirmation with a six-digit combination of letters and numbers: your personal booking number. In the course of an online booking, this is usually already displayed on the website, on the “thank you” or “confirmation page” at the end of the booking. On the electronic ticket, on the invoice for the flight (passenger receipt): the same six-digit combination can be found everywhere. Each booking confirmation contains this booking number (also called the booking code) so that a flight booking can also be clearly assigned to a passenger. This reference can be used to look up booking details and make changes, such as booking additional luggage. You will usually receive this code by e-mail from the travel agency, online booking portal or the airline. This combination of six characters contains letters and numbers and is also known as a reservation number or filekey. The letters are always in block letters, i.e. capitalized.

Example for a booking code: ABC1234

Eurowings Boardkarte mit Buchungscode

Whether Eurowings, Ryanair or Lufthansa: Every airline assigns a booking number in its system and highlights this on your documents. With this you have the key at hand with which you can call up all further information about your flight.

What exactly is the booking code and what is it used for?

The booking number assigns travel information to a passenger and simplifies many processes relating to your flight. Your flight details, such as important times, booking details or passenger and luggage information can be checked with the booking number and, if necessary, can be changed. In this way, the identification of the traveler is simplified and the time required for check-in decreases. A single booking number applies to all travelers that booked the trip together.

Booking code, e-Ticket, etix®-ticketnumber

Especially the 13-digit ticket number (e.g. ETKT 123-45678901234), which can be found on the e-ticket or in the booking confirmation, is often confused with the booking code. Are you wondering whether you will receive a plane ticket when you book your flight? Here is an example from the airline Eurowings: Depending on the type of booking, you will receive the booking number or an etix® ticket number instead of a ticket.

You will use this number at the counter, at online check-in, mobile check-in or at the check-in machine, where you will receive your boarding pass.

Booking code: required for check-in and rebookings

Since the booking code is always valid for the entire booking and thus also connects several passengers, it is essential for online check-in as just described in the Eurowings example, as well as for subsequent changes. The administration of a single code makes the administration of the personal and travel data of the passengers for the passengers as well as for the airlines much easier, which in turn facilitates the subsequent adjustment of a booking.

The flight number: This is how you find the right gate

Flugnummern auf einer Anzeigetafel am Flughafen
This is where you´ll find your flight number at the airport

When you start your journey, the next number-letter combination that is for you of interest is the flight number. This is important for both, the passenger and for the operation at the airport. If you are looking for the right gate, you will usually find a list of the next flights, including flight numbers and departure or arrival times, on the large monitors. You can find the flight number with the number of the flight on your e-ticket, the mobile boarding pass or compare on the printed board card – depending on which document you have.

Flight number: how it is put together and what it means

Since the abbreviations contained in the flight numbers differ from provider to provider, we will show you in more detail what the flight number means. The number of the flight indicates which route it is and which airline it refers to. The number can usually be found right next to the route, which is in one of the first lines of the ticket. Here are some examples that you can use to quickly identify your flight number:

  • DE 1521 – Palma de Mallorca Airport – Hamburg Airport with Condor
  • EJU 5937 – Berlin-Tegel – Athen with EasyJet
  • LH 818 – Frankfurt am Main – Göteborg with Lufthansa
  • 4U 2913 – Tirana – Stuttgart with Germanwings
  • FR 4201 – Bergamo – Rhodes with Ryanair

The first two or three digits are the abbreviation of the name of the airline. The following number stands for the exact flight route and the associated flight plan. This results in a different combination for each flight.

Flight delay or cancellation: enforce your rights

In case of flight disruptions like a delay or cancellation during your trip, you can of course assert your claims against the airline. At this point however, this also usually requires the booking number and flight number, even if legal proof of the booking confirmation is already sufficient. We will help you to save yourself the additional stress in the event of a delayed or even canceled flight: Let Captain Frank check whether you are entitled to compensation!

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