Compensation and refunds during Corona: FAQ


My flight was canceled because of Corona. How will I get compensated?

Airlines are obliged to reimburse their passengers for the ticket price, offer alternative transportation or rebooking for a later date.

Passengers are not entitled to compensation under the EU Passenger Rights Regulation if the flight could not take place due to the Corona crisis.

I was offered a voucher. Can I get my ticket refunded?

Airlines often offer a voucher to passengers. However, you do not have to accept it but can insist on the reimbursement of the full ticket price.

My all-inclusive trip was canceled because of Corona – what am I entitled to?

If you have booked your trip through an organizer and this package tour has been canceled, the organizer of the trip is obliged to reimburse you for the travel expenses. If you are offered a voucher, you do not have to accept it, but can insist on the full payment of the cost of your trip.

Am I entitled to compensation if my flight was canceled because of Corona?

Passengers are only entitled to compensation under the EU Passenger Rights Regulation if no exceptional circumstance prevented or delayed the flight. Travel restrictions due to the Corona crisis are considered exceptional. This resulted from the new regulations regarding contagion and the general travel warning. Flights that took place before March 16 are not subject to these new regulations and claims may exist here.

What is the difference between compensation and reimbursement?

Reimbursement of costs refers to the reimbursement of the ticket price. In addition to this reimbursement, compensation based on the EU Passenger Rights Regulation may be possible in some cases. This can be up to € 600 and is independent of the ticket price and cost reimbursement. Criteria for compensation are the following. The passenger has arrived at the destination with a delay of more than three hours or has not arrived at all. Additionally, no exceptional circumstances (such as a storm or corona) have caused the flight disruption. Compensation for flight cancellations or delays can be claimed 3 years retrospectively.

Can I cancel my flight for free?

The conditions for cancellations by the passenger depend on the individual airline. Therefore, we recommend consulting the airline directly (or in the case of package tours, agreement with the organizer).

Airline insolvence – do I get my money back?

Due to the Corona crisis, more and more airlines are dependent on the state and many face major financial problems. If the operating airline of your flight goes bankrupt, be aware of the following:

If you have booked your flight with a tour operator, it is the operator’s responsibility to get your money back.

However, if you booked your flight directly with the airline, the situation is less promising regarding your compensation or reimbursement. Passengers are assigned a low priority and usually only a (very small) part is paid out.

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