Cruise with obstacles due to flight delay


The Fischer family* had been looking forward to crossing the Caribbean on a luxury liner for half a year. The trip was to start from La Romana in the Dominican Republic and visit the islands of Aruba, Curacao, Barbados and the French Antilles.

Dream journey with false start

The departure from Düsseldorf to La Romana was scheduled for 12 at noon. But when the family arrived at the departure airport, they were informed that the departure will be delayed by 4 hours. In the evening, the airline announced that the plane had landed but could no longer take off for La Romana. The passengers could stay overnight in hotels at the expense of the airline and should arrive the next morning at 5 o’clock again at the airport. Shortly after, they received the information that the passengers would now be taken by bus to Cologne to fly from there to La Romana.

First no plane, then no crew….

The passengers fetched their suitcases from the baggage claim at about 8 p.m., only to find out that the airline had provided too few buses and that not all passengers were able to be transported. For some, this meant another waiting time. Also in Cologne, they waited again, before they could finally board the airplane because the plane was there, but the crew was missing… Shortly after midnight, the journey continued and the passengers were finally allowed to board. However, the aircraft used was not intended for long-haul flights and therefore had very tight seating and no entertainment program.

After all, the cruise ship was waiting for the passengers. However, the long-awaited voyage was one day shorter because the departure had been delayed by 12 hours!

The Fischer family found out about their right to compensation and demanded this for the horrible travel experience and the lost day at sea. For three persons each passenger was entitled to a refund of 600 Euro according to the EU Passenger Rights Regulation. The airline only gave a succinct apology during the three months of mail traffic with the injured parties but showed no will to pay the money.

In the end, the Fischers turned to Captain Frank and we were able to help! However, the airline didn’t make it easy for us either and we had to take legal action in order to enforce the Fischer families right in the end.

So don’t forget: If the flight is delayed, we will stand up for you.

Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash

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