Flight delays on the horizon – New flight chaos expected in summer 2019


Passengers should be prepared: Another summer with many flight delays is imminent – probably even more than in 2018.

Too few air traffic controllers
This is the opinion of German Air Traffic Control (DFS) because there are too few air traffic controllers for the expected traffic volumes. By 2018, there were 3.4 million flight movements. An increase is expected for 2019 and German airspace is becoming increasingly limited. The training of more airfares is just one of several measures to defuse the situation – but this cannot be done overnight.

Slow passenger controls
There is also a lot to do in the area of passenger controls, as these are considered slower at German airports than at our European neighbours. Better technical facilities to allow faster passengers to “overtake” would speed up check-in, but these facilities are still being tested. However, Frankfurt Airport is planning to install some of them in the summer.

Flight chaos unavoidable
The airlines are also called upon to improve their personnel organisation and to maintain more reserve aircraft. But even this will not be enough to prevent the coming flight chaos. Despite all the measures taken by airlines, airports and air traffic control, the Federal Association of the German Air Transport Industry (BDL) expects a high number of flight cancellations and delays next summer.

Rights in the event of flight delays
Passengers should therefore know one thing: If they are more than three hours late, they are entitled to compensation under the EU passenger rights regulation (except in exceptional circumstances such as thunderstorms, strikes etc.). The amount of compensation depends on the route. For short-haul flights up to 1,500 km, the airline has to pay 250 euros, for medium-haul flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km 400 euros and for long-haul flights from 3,500 km 600 euros.

Claiming reimbursement directly from the airline is often associated with nerve-racking paperwork and can take several months, sometimes even up to a year.

Leave the paperwork to us and spare your nerves.
You can enter your information within seconds at www.captain-frank.com and we will check free of charge whether your flight is liable for compensation. Depending on the situation, we will make you an offer to claim your compensation for you. This means that we deal with the airline, if necessary in court, without it costing you anything. We then deduct 20-30 % plus VAT of the compensation as a processing fee for our work.

Oh, .. and something else:
For older tickets, the claim for compensation applies backward for up to three years.

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