Incorrect booking through travel agency: Airline must compensate


Even travel agencies make mistakes, but these mistakes should not be at the expense of customers. The Hamburg Local Court recently ruled that if a travel agent makes an incorrect booking, passengers are entitled to compensation from the airline if the airline does not want to take the passengers with them.

The present case involved a group trip of 9 people from Hamburg to Krakow and back. The passengers were not allowed to fly because their travel agency had booked the wrong flights. The travel agency booked the return flight for 14 June, but the customer received confirmation of the return flight on 16 June.

When the group wanted to fly back from Krakow to Hamburg, the airline refused to board them because, in their opinion, there was no booking. The plaintiff demanded compensation for this non-shipment and was finally proven right.

The airline tried to defend itself and argued that there had been no booking for the flight in question. The court, however, considered a booking confirmation by a tour operator or flight agent to be binding and ruled that there was a claim for compensation. It leaves it to the airline to take recourse against the travel agent if necessary.

Compensation is enforcable also with flight delays starting from 3 hours. We are happy to help.

Photo by yousef alfuhigi on Unsplash

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