Saved a dog … but underestimated the costs


True story, reported by an animal lover:

It should have been a relaxing vacation in the sun. Swim, eat well, work out a little, and letting the mind wander. Nobody could have guessed that the exclusive hotel we arrived at was also a kind of dog sanctuary…

In the first few days, we didn’t notice that there was a kennel in a very hidden corner of the hotel area. However, at some point our 10-year-old son discovered that employees of the hotel were walking small puppies. There was of course no stopping. He was suddenly able to get up at six in the morning on vacation to help the hotel staff quickly take care of the small dogs before their shift.

And what a miracle…. He fell in love with the smallest, weakest and ugliest dog. Sally and he became inseparable and it is still so today.

The more time we spent there, the clearer it became: Without the dog, we would not fly away here. The attentive leader of the animation team and part-time animal rights activist, Micha, also noticed this. He offered that little Sally would be made ready to travel and that we would not have to worry about a thing. We would even be accompanied to the airport. And that’s exactly what happened.

Sally was at the vet again before she was given to us. Vaccinated and chipped, equipped with an EU pet passport, she was ready to leave. Micha also got the right flight box and went with us to the counter of Cyprus Airways, the airline we wanted to fly back with.

But the airline, our lives were made difficult. Because, unlike at Condor, for example, the transport did not cost just under 80 euros, but as much as an adult had to pay: 350 euros. We didn’t expect that, of course, but there was nothing to negotiate for the Cypriots.

In the end, we were happy to “swallow the pill” because Sally is an essential part of our lives.

But if you think it is very easy to take a dog on a flight, you should inquire beforehand. It starts with the fact that not all airlines offer to transport pets, whether in the cargo hold or in the cabin. These include, for example, Ryanair and Wizz Air. Most that allow good transportation, differentiate between transportation in the cabin or in the cargo hold. It depends on the size of the dog. It falls under “hand luggage” if it fits into an approved box, measuring 55 by 40 by 23 centimeters. However, the dog and box together cannot weigh more than eight kilos. Larger dogs must be accommodated in appropriate flight boxes in the air-conditioned cargo hold. Exceptions are made for guide and service dogs. They are allowed into the cabin because their owner cannot do without their support.

The airlines usually charge a significantly lower price than Cyprus Airlines did in our case. Within Europe, dogs fly depending on their size for up to 200 euros. For small animals that are allowed to fly in the cabin, you pay 20 to 50 euros. Prices are 30-50% higher on intercontinental routes.

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