About us

Captain Frank was founded at the end of 2016 and is based in Munich. In collaboration with a diverse team of students, we have created a company that pays passengers who are entitled to compensation for flight delays or cancellations the corresponding amount less a handling fee.

With Captain Frank, we have created a passenger portal in the form of a highly efficient technology platform. We relieve our customers of the annoying paperwork in record time, because they enter their data on our platform in just a few minutes and off they go. Annoying things such as printing out documents, signing them, scanning them in, sending them on, are a thing of the past.

But despite all the digitality that makes many things in life easier for us, personal contact with our customers is also important to us. We are also there for you by telephone and listen if you want to talk about your unpleasant experiences with flight delays. And we don’t just send emails, but sometimes even old-fashioned letters.