„O’zapft is!“(„It is tapped“) With this famous expression the Mayor of Munich opened the first beer barrel and therewith the 184th Oktoberfest on September 16th. Already 600.000 people visited the „Theresienwiese“, the official festival-site on the first day. Last year a total of 5,6 million people came to participate in the worlds largest folk festival.

Alternative flights during the Oktoberfest? This is difficult….
As well as in the last years, many visitors from Germany and abroad are expected. Too bad, if the flight get cancelled one only booked for visiting Munich during that time. Finding another flight is difficult, since most of them are already sold. But at least there is the possibility to get ones money back. Captain Frank immediatelly pays out 70% oft he compensation sum. The money could then possibly be invested in a train ticket and there will probably still be something left to get beer or Bavarian food at the Oktoberfest.

Your friends got stuck at the airport?
At the Oktoberfest nobody has to be afraid to stay alone for long. It’s not a problem, if your friends won’t make it to the party in time because they have a delayed flight. To celebrate with open-minded people from all over the world is what makes the Oktoberfest so special. With a few words of English, some say it is even the official language during the Oktoberfest, you will always find some connections to other people.

Lost luggage with your „Dirndl“ or “Lederhosen“?
But not only the flight can be delayed or canceled, in order to darken ones mood for the upcoming festival. If the suitcase does not appear on the luggage strap, one will call out an outfit-alarm, because without a „Dirndl“ the Oktoberfest visit isn’t as good as expected. If one is lucky, the suitcase will be delivered to the hotel a few hours after arrival. If the suitcase does not show up at all, compensation is also possible. For this, travelers have to contact the airlines directly, as there are different regulations.