Connecting flights


Missing a connecting flight happens faster than you think. Your first flight only has to start a little late and then it can be scarce with the transfer time, which one needs at the stopover to reach a connecting flight.
But in such a case, the passenger is entitled to get financial compensation. The European Court of Justice set this right in 2013. Prior to this case law, there was no chance for travellers to receive compensation for a missed connecting flight.

However, there is a small hitch: In two successive but independently booked flights, there is no compensation for the missed connecting flight. Therefore, it is advisable to book the entire connection with one airline.


Your compensation claims can be enforced if:

– you arrive three hours late at the destination airport.

– you booked the flights together.

– you started within the EU or flew with an EU airline from outside to the EU.

– your flight was not more than three years ago.


We will be happy to help you enforce your claims, but unfortunately this is not possible without fees.

For purchases on a successful basis we charge a handling fee of 20% plus VAT, for purchases made immediately we charge 30% plus VAT.