EU passenger rights regulation – EC-Regulation 261/2004

Flight delays, cancellations or even denied boarding are issues that can happen to every passenger. Should one of these cases occur, it is good to know that the rights of air travellers are governed by the European Air Passenger Rights Regulation (EC Regulation 261/2004). The Regulation applies to all flights operated by a European airline or starting within the EU. It is therefore not enough to only land in the EU.

In any case, you are entitled to compensation if the flight has been cancelled, if it is delayed by at least three hours or if the airline does not transport a passenger, e.g. due to overbooking of an aircraft. The amount of compensation depends on the travelled flight distance.

Compensation payments are due after a minimum delay of three hours and they are independent of whether you booked a package holiday, a business trip or a flight with a low-cost-carrier. If the flight distance is less than 1,500 km, there is a compensation of 250€, between 1,500 and 3,500 km, the amount is 400€ and more than 3,500 km flight distance, the airline has to pay you 600€. Airline tickets for which you wish to receive compensation must not be older than three years.

We will be happy to help you enforce your claims, but unfortunately this is not possible without fees.

For purchases on a successful basis we charge a handling fee of 20% plus VAT, for purchases made immediately we charge 30% plus VAT.