Your rights in case of flight delays due to extraordinary circumstances


Delays or cancellations of flights due to so-called ‘extraordinary circumstances’ mean that an airline is not responsible for the circumstances. This in turn means for you as a passenger that you are not entitled to compensation.

Which extraordinary circumstances may be covered by this regulation?
– Unfavourable weather conditions prevent the start
– Political instability
– Terror alerts
– Volcanic eruptions
– Strike
– Sabotage on the plane


However, there are circumstances that are not considered exceptional and therefore do not release the airline from its obligation towards the passenger.

These include technical defects like:
– Defect in the hydraulics
– Defect on the landing gear shaft
– Failure of the power system
– Malfunctions of the on-board electronics
– Standard manufacturer error

Also the illness of crewmembers as well as a night flight ban is not unusual circumstances.

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