Who plans to fly with Ryanair or Wizz Air, should know one thing absolutely: For flights at the standard fare, only hand luggage equivalent to a bag or a small backpack is allowed. The dimensions of this small baggage must not exceed 40x20x25cm.

So-called board trolleys, which usually measure 56x45x25cm and were previously transported free of charge with a certain weight, must be checked in at Ryanair before departure for a fee of 8 euros when booking and 10 euros after booking.

The Hungarian airline Wizz Air requires the passenger to book Priority Boarding for one extra piece of luggage and to pay 7 euros for taking a small rolling suitcase in the cabin weighing up to 10 kilograms.

Laudamotion will also adopt the new rules of the parent company Ryanair from 31 March 2019. Anyone who tries to circumvent these rules and brings a second piece of hand luggage with them to the gate will have to pay 25 euros for its carriage. The airlines argue that these changes will prevent boarding delays and improve the punctuality of departures. The Italian antitrust authorities took a different view last week.

It has prevented Ryanair and Wizz Air from implementing the new rules, which would mislead the consumer. The real price of air travel would be distorted. The authority has asked the two airlines temporarily not to charge a surcharge for large carry-on baggage.

Travellers should in any case take a close look at the rules around hand luggage when booking, otherwise there may be an expensive surprise at the airport.

And should the flight be more than 3 hours late, don’t forget, Captain Frank will help enforce the claim for compensation.