Other departure due to massive flight delay

Unfortunately, a massive flight delay, which leads to the fact that you can only continue on the following day, happens from time to time. Of course the airline is obliged to take care of you in this case. They have to provide you a hotel room for the unplanned overnight stay, or cover the costs of the room, which you may possibly book by yourself. But beware, the airline is only obliged to reimburse standard rooms, higher categories are excluded.

If you want to withdraw from your flight, this is possible from a delay of more than five hours. In this case, you must be reimbursed the entire ticket price without deduction of cancellation fees.

We will be happy to help you enforce your claims, but unfortunately this is not possible without fees.

For purchases on a successful basis we charge a handling fee of 20% plus VAT, for purchases made immediately we charge 30% plus VAT.