Reasons for flight delays 

Delay due to delay

Flight delays are most likely to occur due to other delays. You have to imagine this as a chain reaction. If a plane lands late at the destination airport, it is fairly certain that it will depart from there too late, possibly even with an even greater delay as the slot provided for launching is no longer available. Such a delay confuses the entire process and also affects other flights at this airport.

Technical and organizational problems

Often it is also technical defects or organizational difficulties that need to be resolved shortly before take-off, which cause departure time shifts. This may be a non-functioning loudspeaker system, a missing cleaning crew but also defective hydraulics.


Airport operations / security checks

What happens from time to time is a understaffing of the counters at the airport security checkpoint. If there is a bottleneck at high traffic, delays are preprogrammed.


One reason, that many believe in being most common for a delays, is the weather. However it has to be an extreme weather situation that a plane takes off too late. This can be a storm with hail, with rain and hurricane-like winds, black ice or winter storms with heavy snowfall.

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