Donate your flight delay!

Captain Frank cooperates with SOS Children’s Village.

Passengers have the option of donating their compensation, in whole or in part, to SOS Children’s Villages. After all the trouble that comes with a delayed flight, it may be a good feeling for one or the other with the money from the compensation to do even more good.

If you submit your delayed flight to us, you can indicate your donation in the form step of the payment details and receive a donation receipt from SOS Children’s Village e. V.


Please select the portion of your payout that you want to donate.

Calculation example:

Let’s assume that you select the value „10%“ here. Furthermore, assuming that you have compensation of EUR 400 based on your case, we will honor it on a profit basis (that is, with a 20% processing fee plus VAT if successful). Then we would after successful enforcement of your claim…


  • Transfer 40 EUR to SOS Children’s Village on your behalf. For this amount you will automatically receive a donation receipt from SOS Children’s Village.
  • 95.20 EUR (= 80 EUR plus VAT) as our processing fee withheld.
  • Pay 264.80 EUR to you (400 EUR – 40 EUR donation – 95.20 EUR processing fee).

SOS Children’s Village e.V.

SOS Children’s Villages has been supporting the needs, concerns and rights of children for 60 years. After the SOS Children’s Villages, many more SOS offers for children and adolescents, mothers and families have sprung up in Germany and around the world. Support our work by donating or sponsoring. SOS Children’s Villages deals with your donations with particular responsibility. For many years, SOS Children’s Villages has been awarded the DZI Donation Seal.