More than passenger rights

Captain Frank consists of a team that has set itself the task of enforcing the rights of travelers. We work hard and continuously think about new ideas to improve our service.

Why are we doing this?

We love to travel and the travel industry, but we also recognize where it has its problems. The company started while brainstorming on how we can use our skills and resources to tackle a problem. Captain Frank’s mission is to add value and improve the world of travel.

Next to passenger rights, many other issues in travel require a critical stance. Topics related to environment and climate are fortunately gaining attention. However, many travelers are not aware of issues concerning human rights and in particular child protection in connection with tourism.

In order to sensitize travelers on the subject of child protection, Captain Frank is determined to supporting socially responsible travel. Sexual exploitation in tourism should not be a taboo subject. Instead, knowledge about existing issues needs to increase to improve protection of minors. In this context, we have signed the globally recognized “child protection code” and are committed to spreading awareness on this topic.

As a member of the organization “The Code” we support the “Ecpat” initiative. This initiative focuses on children’s protection in regard to sexual exploitation. We also support the organization “SOS Children’s Village” and give our customers the opportunity to donate part of their compensation payment. We intend to expand the choice of donations in the future and to integrate them into our platform.

After all, Captain Frank does not only stand for the professional handling of claims, but also for the awareness and responsible reflection of issues that are relevant for a just and future-oriented society.