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Compensation and refunds during Corona

We discuss questions about compensation during Corona in this blog-post.

How much money am I entitled to?

The amount of the compensation depends on the flight distance. The compensation for short flight routes (up to 1,500km) is € 250, for medium flight routes (1,500km-3,500km) € 400 and for long distances (more than 3,500km) € 600. The compensation does not depend on the ticket price and is paid per passenger.

When can I receive immediate payout from Captain Frank?

“Immediate” payout means that we will pay your compensation immediately. Hereby we will enforce the compensation from the airline in a second step. No matter whether the airline pays or not, you will keep your money! For this offer, Captain Frank charges a 30% fee. Alternatively, we also treat claims “on success”. This means that you will receive your compensation once we have received it from the airline. In this case, our fee is 20% of the compensation amount.

My flight is delayed – am I entitled to compensation?

The arrival time of your flight must be delayed by at least 3 hours in order to be entitled to compensation. In addition, either 1) the place of departure must be in the EU or 2) the place of arrival must be in the EU and the operating airline must be located in the EU.

My flight is canceled – am I entitled to compensation?

According to the EU directive, you are entitled to compensation if you have not been informed of the cancellation more than 14 days before departure and if the airline has not offered you an alternative flight with a similar flight time to the flight originally booked.

Can I get compensation for flight delays in the past?

Yes. You can claim compensation three years back. The 3-year period begins at the end of the year. This means that if you flew on January 1, 2018, for example, you can claim compensation until December 31, 2021.

How does Captain Frank work?

Captain Frank is a passenger rights portal. As such, we help passengers enforce their compensation claims against airlines after delays, cancellations, and denied boarding. In order to do so, we analyze flight data and utilize our experience in enforcing ​​special cases (complicated flight routes, stubborn airlines, …). If necessary, we go to court with our contract lawyers. We always bear the financial risk and only take a 20-30% fee if we can guarantee your compensation-payout.

How is Captain Frank different from other passenger rights portals?

Our high success rate results from our experience and reputation as a passenger rights portal with professional lawyers and automated processes. However, what our customers particularly appreciate is our customer service. Thus, we are there for our customers, listen to them, and look forward to answering their questions. And let’s not forget: we offer the best price in the market.

Can I submit claims for other persons?

Yes, you can submit the claims for all people who have been on the same flight with you. Also, you can submit the claims for friends, children or your customers. Please note: while you can submit the flight data of other people, we require the signature of the passenger stated on the ticket (or, in case of minors, the parents signature).

Why are flight passengers entitled to compensation?

The European Parliament and the Council of the EU decided in the Regulation No. 261/2004 that travelers should be better protected against inconveniences that occur in connection with flights.

Can I claim compensation by myself?

Yes, this is possible. Unfortunately, the process is often tedious and time-consuming. Additionally, the chances of success are often slim (depending on the airline and other factors) due to the behavior of many airlines. With the intention to not pay out compensation many airlines do not pay voluntarily or make it difficult for customers to get in touch. Additionally, they often blame exceptional circumstances or put passengers off with vouchers. This is, where Captain Frank steps in.

How long does it take until I get my payout?

The duration of the settlement of a claim depends on many factors and unfortunately, it is not possible to define an exact time. A payout can take place after only a few weeks or much later. On average, there are about five months between the submission of the claim and the payment of compensation.
Captain Frank unfortunately only has an influence on one of these factors: our processing time. We have automated our process to such an extent that the processing time is reduced to a minimum. Unfortunately, we have no control over the airline’s reaction time and processing time. These vary greatly depending on the airline and the time. It depends, for example, on how many employees the airline employs for complaint management, how many complaints there are at the time, or whether the airline decides not to react at all for undefined reasons.
We at Captain Frank do not wait forever for a response, but proactively check whether we can enforce a claim in court.
In the case of a decision to take legal action, the processing times and the workload of the various courts play a role in the overall process and, accordingly, the reaction times of the defendant airlines or their lawyers.
Our previous experience has shown that claims can be collected between 1 day and approx. 1.5 years.
Of course, we always keep you informed about the status of your claim.

How can I keep track of the progress of my claim?

You can check the status of your claim in your account.

What does it mean to be an ambassador?

As an ambassador, you can help passengers to get compensation by informing them of our service. Ambassadors have no obligations and can decide when they want to inform others about Captain Frank, or not. For each claim that comes to us on your way, you will receive a commission. Learn more here