Luggage issues

You have reached your destination and are expecting your suitcase. Here comes the bad surprise. Your luggage is damaged, arrives later or, in the worst case, is even completely lost. What now?

Most importantly: Report the damage or loss of your luggage immediately to the airline and have it confirmed. Only then are you entitled to compensation.

The Montreal Agreement regulates the amount of compensation for luggage issues. It can add up to € 1,400 and does not depend on the number of bags.

If the content of your suitcase is damaged, the amount of compensation is calculated based on the time value of the damaged goods. This time value corresponds to the purchase price minus 10 – 30% per year.

If the arrival of the suitcase is delayed, you can claim financial reimbursement for the necessary replacement of clothing and cosmetics. The maximum amount you may ask for is € 1,385 per passenger. Only a “reasonable” amount is reimbursable – what this means depends on the purpose and the length of your trip. For example, you would need other things on vacation than for a business trip. Similarly, for a few hours without your luggage you need different items than if you have to cope without luggage for several days.
Important: These regulations do not apply if you are traveling back home. Usually there is no need to procure replacement for clothing or cosmetics at home.

If luggage is lost, the time value will be replaced, as is the case with damaged items. This time value corresponds to the purchase price minus 10 – 30 percent per year with a maximum claimable amount of € 1,385 per passenger.

Tip: The suitcase is also considered lost if it arrives with a delay of more than 21 days.