EU Passenger Rights Regulation – EG-VO 261/2004

Who has not experienced this before…? Your suitcases are packed and you are ready to start your trip. But instead of the planned business or vacation trip, delays or even cancellations mix up the plans. This can be annoying and frustrating.
This is where the EU regulation steps in and supports passenger rights.

The EU enacted a regulation in 2004 to protect you and all passengers from such experiences. As such, it guarantees your compensation from the airline if you experience disruption during your trip. Depending on the flight distance, compensation may entail between € 250 and € 600. The ticket price does not matter.
This regulation applies to:

  • all air travel starting within the EU
  • all air travel that ends in the EU, provided that it is carried out by an EU airline.

To be entitled to compensation your flight needs to fulfill certain conditions. In short: The airline canceled the flight or the flight arrived more than 3 hours late at the destination. The cause cannot be an “exceptional circumstance” such as a strike, a terrorist threat or a storm.
Also, there are specific cases for which one has to take into account several exception rules.

We are happy to take care of your claims. To enforce them we have to ask for a small fee.

Our handling fee is 20%-30% plus VAT. We will only charge this fee once we transfer your compensation to your bank account.