Extraordinary circumstances and flight delays

When a flight is delayed or canceled because of an “extraordinary circumstance” it means that an airline is not responsible for the flight disruption. This in turn implies that the passenger can not ask for compensation.

These are the extraordinary circumstance that the EU Commission has defined:

  • Unfavorable weather conditions that prevent take-off
  • Political instability
  • Terror alerts
  • Volcanic eruptions
  • Strike
  • Sabotage on the plane

However, many events cause delays, and are not “exceptional”. Such events therefore do not free airlines from their obligation towards passengers. These include technical defects like:

  • Defects in the hydraulics
  • Landing gear shaft defects
  • Failure of the power system
  • Malfunctions of the on-board electronics
  • Standard manufacturer mistakes

Also, sick crew members or a night flight ban is not an unusual circumstance.

We are happy to take care of your claims. To enforce them we have to ask for a small fee.

Our handling fee is 20%-30% plus VAT. We will only charge this fee once we transfer your compensation to your bank account.