Your rights in the event of a strike

Some passengers are very understanding when strikes occur while others perceive them as unreasonable. No matter how you feel about it, a strike quickly leads to disruptions in air traffic with flight delays and cancellations as a consequence. In the end the strike may be the reason you arrive late at your destination or even not at all.

According to the EU regulation the airline usually does not have to pay compensation of € 250 – € 600 in these cases. The law protects the right to strike and the EU regulation treats strikes as “exceptional circumstance”. Exceptional circumstances exempt airlines from their compensation obligations.

However, there are also exceptions. If the airline is at least partially responsible for the strike of its employees due to unreasonable working conditions, you could still be entitled to compensation of € 250 – € 600. It is therefore worthwhile to check carefully.

We are happy to take care of your claims. To enforce them we have to ask for a small fee.

Our handling fee is 20%-30% plus VAT. We will only charge this fee once we transfer your compensation to your bank account.