Flight canceled? Because of a soccer team???


What 80 passengers recently experienced at the Galician airport of Vigo in the far northwest of Spain is unprecedented. Their plane was virtually "hijacked" by the Sevilla FC soccer team and its entourage. While everyone is ready for boarding, the footballers and their team walk past the astonished passengers and board their plane.

Why couldn't the plane take off?

The plane scheduled for the return flight after an away match between Sevilla FC and Celtic Vigo was not operational for technical reasons and the 56-strong group was put on another plane to Madrid without further ado.

Was there an alternative travel offer?

The 80 passengers who actually wanted to fly to the Spanish capital on this plane and were already 80 minutes late due to bad weather were astonished. The situation was not made any better by the fact that there were no alternative travel options. What's more, Madrid-Bajaras Airport is a major air traffic hub and many of the passengers who were left behind also missed their connecting flights.

Although the airline has apologized and will make efforts to compensate the 80 passengers, this was certainly not good publicity for Air Nostrum.

How does Captain Frank help?

If your flight is canceled, contact us right away. Depending on the cause of the delay or flight distance, you are entitled to up to 600 euros in compensation under EU law. Once we have checked your request, we will ensure that you are compensated quickly and securely. You can find more information on this at: https://www.captain-frank.com/de/