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Heating paid for but not delivered?

Captain Frank recovers the deposit for consumers - simple and easy

Munich, 02.12.23 - A warm home is a basic need, especially when the temperatures outside drop. It's just stupid when the new heating system takes a long time to arrive, even though it has already been paid for. The current case of B24H Brennstoffzelle4Home GmbH shows that consumers are entitled to a refund of the deposit paid due to incorrect cancellation instructions. But what do those affected have to do now to enforce their claim?

Possible wave of lawsuits against fuel cell sales companies:

Captain Frank hilft bei Klagen an Vertriebsunternehmen von Energiesystemen

Munich, 12.11.23 - With unique software, Captain Frank is revolutionizing the market for consumer demands. A current example is the request for a deposit refund for a fuel cell heater that was not delivered. Unlike the competition, Captain Frank, with a robust tech stack, is able to flexibly introduce new offers and process any type of claim, as is now the case with the claims against a distribution company of energy systems for private homes.

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