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  • Get a refund now!

    Are you also one of the unfortunate people who were unable to take advantage of their gym membership during the Corona lockdown? Have you continued to pay contributions and have you only been put off with a voucher?

    No problem! We at Captain Frank want to change that. Check your case with us today and receive a refund of the contributions you have paid shortly.

    Komplett Online

    The voice of our customers

    The quick way to get a refund

    You can get your money back with just a few clicks. That's how it's done:

    Step 1: Risk-free initial assessment

    In our secure system, you can check your case in just a few steps and receive an immediate assessment of your case. We also accept your order 100% digitally.

    Step 2: Review the case

    As soon as all further details have been clarified, Captain Frank and his lawyers will ensure that your mandate is processed precisely and reliably.

    Step 3: Get your cash back

    Once your case is closed, the money goes into your account. Because at Captain Frank there is only one thing that counts: we are only satisfied when you receive the refund you deserve.