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About us

Welcome to Captain Frank - We are a legal-tech-finance startup that not only makes consumer rights transparent for everyone, but also ensures the uncomplicated enforcement of rights. Our innovative unique selling point is the combination of legal expertise, scalable technology and financing competence. 

We enforce consumer rights:


Consumer law explained simply

We are working to ensure that our business model becomes the leading standard in the area of consumer rights:

Komplett Online 

Decoupling consumer rights from legal standards

Transfer to digital standard processes with the help of our scalable technology

Enforcement of consumer rights, so that even the smallest claim can enter the legal system easily and transparently

Legal certainty for consumers - free initial assessment for legal claims and Captain Frank only charges a commission if successful

Captain Frank's Team


Michael Hoesch

Founder & CEO

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Armin Lang



Constantin von Mutius

Founder & CTO

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Dr. Alexander Swienty

Member of the Advisory Board


Dr. Jeremy Dillmann

Member of the Advisory Board


Dr. Niels Hitz

Member of the Advisory Board


Olaf Ceka

Customer Management & Operations

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Jana Kocak

Marketing & Customer Relations Advisor

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Galina Mayr

Galina Mayr

Product Development Advisor

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Isabel Christen-Höner

Head of Marketing

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Ela Heine

Marketing & Customer Relations Advisor

Captain Frank stands up for you

You may be entitled to compensation, but you can find the solution to your consumer rights case in Captain Frank's expert area? 

Give us a brief description of your case. At Captain Frank, our legal tech solution and expertise means we can challenge the smallest of consumer law claims.