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Why cooperate with Captain Frank?

Together we can achieve more. By partnering with Captain Frank, you will not only gain access to modern technology solutions, but also  expanded services and the opportunity to advance legal justice. 

Innovative Technologies: Benefit from advanced legal tech solutions to optimize workflows and increase efficiency. 

Comprehensive services: Discover our wide range of services. We are able to technically implement similar processes in the shortest possible time. Together with a lawyer, we can implement a new situation (claim) very quickly for the benefit of the consumer. We are also looking to provide technical support to smaller law firms that process such consumer claims, so that even small amounts in dispute can be processed profitably for everyone involved.

Shared successes: Share the success of our partnership with us and benefit from joint marketing opportunities.


Our Cooperation Partner

Legal services as a business model

Legal cost financiers

Captain Frank intends to purchase claims on behalf of litigation funders. For example, flight delays can be a good option thanks to the acquired expertise. In this way, court costs, legal fees and the existing claim can be financed with less risk.

Law firms

With our Captain Frank technology in combination with AI, we help lawyers to efficiently handle lawsuits with low amounts in dispute. This ensures a win-win situation for the consumer, the lawyer and Captain Frank. Our goal is to reduce the processing time per lawsuit by a quantum leap.


Together with Captain Frank: Making clients happy through legal protection.

Captain Frank has been cultivating successful collaborations in the area of consumer law for many years. Together with our partners, those seeking advice receive experienced and timely legal services. Discover the diverse possibilities of cooperation with Captain Frank. We also look forward to discussions regarding partnership marketing - so we can benefit from it together.